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''pavanah pavataamasmi ramah shastrabhritaamaham

jhashaanaam makarashchaasmi strotasaamasmi jhanavi` `

                                                                                                                                               Lord Krishna -Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 10, Verse 31

Meaning :- Among purifiers I am the wind; among warriors I am shree Rama; Among fishes I am shark; and among streams I am Gangas.


Government of India encourages Public Participation in Ganga Conservation

Gangamanthan encourages people to clean Ganga

The conservation of the Ganga River is again becoming a hot issue in India. It dominated the political discussions before last general elections and even after the election it is one of the most burning issues. This sacred river of India is facing tremendous pollution pressure and task to restore its ecological well being is Herculean one. One of the most welcoming steps of the newly formed government is the effort to include masses in the cleaning of the river.

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Sand mining is going to be new battleground.


Illegal and indiscriminate river sand mining is going to cause a large number of environmental and social problems in World.



Dr. Nitish Priyadarshi



Illegal sand mining is a scourge in states across India. The latest battle in Gautum Buddh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, where sub divisional magistrate (SDM) was suspended from service, has served to highlight the plight of rivers ravaged.

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Management of Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna System for sustainable development of region

The Ganges in Indian context is a tale of love,devotion,emotions and Sacrifice

In this article written by an eminent scientist (A K Biswas) challanges in Management of Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna System are discussed. This system is accomodating a sizable portion of Human population. According to author 'The framework for sustainable development of the GBM region can be based on a ision of poverty eradication and sustained improvement in the living conditions of the millions of its inhabitants (Biswas et al. 2004). The world’s largest concentration of economic misery is to be found in this region.

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Now a ministry of Ganga Rejuvenation in India

Clean Ganga

The Ganges is life line of India and worshiped by Indians as Mother. None of the rituals of Hindus is complete without the Holi water of the Ganges. In last few decades it has become subjected to severe pollution pressures and also emerged as a Political issue. Mr Nehru (the first prime minister of India )loved Ganga and Glorifdied her on numerous occassions. Rajeev Gangdhi ( late Prime Minster) also expressed deep concern on pollution of the Ganga and so on Mr Man Mohan Singh ( the last Prime Minster)

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Himalayan glaciers meltdown : impact on south Asian rivers

Climate change and Asian rivers

Recent observations from India, China, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan indicate rapid shrinkage of glaciers. Such tendency has been observed both in large debris-covered and small debris-free glaciers, with varying response times and sensitivity to climate.

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The costs of water pollution in India (4.53% of GDP)


According to report by Augustin MARIA  , 'even if underestimated, the figure of 4.53% of GDP for the total cost of pollution, with surface water pollution accounting for 59% of it has the merit of being clear. India cannot afford not to deal with water pollution' The water pollution is responsible for reduction of productivity and burden on healthcare system ,which is already under severe population pressure.


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The River that lost its Soul - The Ganges

The chemicals in sewerage can make water poisnous

The indutries are pumping lethal chemicals in the Ganges and making its water toxic. Please read the full published in sunday times magazine attached. The Ganga pollution is not due to a single reason there are many complex socio-economic factors working together towards making her one of the worlds most polluted water body. 

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Chemical Warfare is another threat to the environment.


Its impact is nearly everlasting. 


Dr. Nitish Priyadarshi


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Inadequate Sanitation Costs India Rs. 2.4 Trillion (US$53.8 Billion)

Better sanitation in India can increase GDP

The pollution of water in India due to lack of sanitation system is one of the major hundernace in economic progress.A study conducted by Water and Sanitation Program’s (WSP’s) estimates that the total economic impacts of inadequate sanitation in India amounts to Rs. 2.44 trillion (US$53.8 billion) a year1—this was the equivalent of 6.4 percent of India’s GDP in 2006.This means a per person annual impact of Rs. 2,180 (US$48).2

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Ganga facts

The ganga is a life supporting system and it's well being will determine quality of life of millions of people living along places along its bank. The conflicting intersts of modern society is responsible for its pollution and other ecological problems.The Ganges provides countless benifits to us ranging from food to salvation. It is duty of everyone of protect this National  river of India.

Well being of the Ganga is an absolute indicator of environmental well being of India.